Water Drops

Water drops produce the most beautiful atmospheric optical phenomena, the rainbow. A rainbow is a mystery to most people, except they know that the rain drops some how act like a prism. But there is so much more to rainbows to the careful observer that understands the mechanisms of what is happening when a rainbows is formed. There is the primary and secondary bows, Alexander's Band, supernumerary bows, and rare reflection bows. Once you know where to look you'll be seeing rainbows in the dew on grass, and spider webs, you'll be walking around fountains to be in a position to see a rainbow, and you'll never take them for granted again.

Rainbows Rainbows are beautiful. Simple as that. They are like slow silent fireworks. Who can not stop and watch a rainbow when they notice one. There is more to a rainbow than some colours, if you know where and what to look for. And as a bonus there is a pot of gold at the end of the bow, if only you can reach it.

Rainbow FAQ Everything you ever wanted to know about rainbows.

Green Clouds Clouds can be a whole range of colours. But it is rare that clouds have a green colouration. It is often associated with severe weather. Is it real, and is it caused by severe weather?

Glories A glory is an interference effect which produces a circle around the anti solar point of the observer on cloud or fog.

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